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Taurus Millennium Pro 140 Sneaky Pete Holster (Belt Loop)

Taurus Millennium Pro 140 Sneaky Pete Holster (Belt Loop)

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Approx Dimensions Height 6 2/8" Width 5" Depth 1 1/8" (standard holster)

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  • 5
    Two years of satisfaction and counting

    Posted by JW G. on Dec 29th 2015

    I've been carrying my Taurus Millennium PT145 in this holster for about two years with perfect comfort and concealability. With exception of one curious person, the ONLY people that ever notice the holster are those that are familiar with it. As for the curious person who asked what it was, I told him it was for my PDA, which he immediately interpreted as Personal DATA Assistant and went away satisfied. OK by me ... my Personal DEFENSE Assistant was still concealed and unknown! Thank you, Sneaky Pete, for an outstanding product!

  • 4
    Great service, very good product

    Posted by George K. on Feb 4th 2015

    Ordered on a Friday, shipped on Saturday, arrived on Wednesday. NY to TN in 5 days! Great service. Bought a belt loop holster for my Taurus Millenium Pro 140. Having carried the pistol in an IWB holster for a few years (and it not being very comfortable in the summer heat) I decided to try a Sneaky Pete holster. Ordered a brown leather belt loop holster. Very nice leather and workmanship, But the belt loops are extremely tight. My dress belts slide through easily, but my two gun belts are extremely tight and difficult to get through the loops. And the holster is big. It is not inconspicuous at all. If I had it to do over again, I would order the holster with the clips instead of the belt loops. Clips make it easier to get on & off and offer more placement options. I could exchange the one I have, but for $6.00 more, I'll just keep it and get used to it. I like the product enough that I am going to buy a Sneaky Pete holster in the near future when I get a new .380 pistol!

  • 4
    Fits my 45 just great

    Posted by Bobby F. on Jul 18th 2014

    Based on another review, I purchased this holster for my Taurus MP145. It fits perfectly. It does make sitting in the car and in armed chairs a little uncomfortable, but the biggest problem I have is trying to get my belt through the loops. Because of the width of the holster, I have to capture a belt loop between the two loops on the holster. Since I normally wear a Ranger style western belt, it's doubly hard to put on. That being said, I would not be without my Sneaky Pete. Carrying concealed is so much simpler since I don't have to "dress to conceal".

  • 5
    Top Quality Product

    Posted by Rodney Gray on Oct 30th 2013

    I'll start by saying, Sneaky Pete makes a very high quality product. When wearing my Sneaky Pete holster, I've worked at the cash register, gone into customer homes and everything my job requires. Not one person has asked, "whats that case:for that your wearing?" Looks are very pleasing and can even be worn when attending casual dress events.
    I'm a delivery driver for a small mid western town pharmacy. I carry my Taurus Millennium PT145 PRO all day every day. When we're having our typical hot humid summer days I like to were sleeveless shirts. My Sneaky Pete holster allows me to do just that! Until now I've ALWAYS worn a lite weight short sleeved "overshirt" to keep my weapon concealed. Then I discovered Sneaky Pete holsters!. While searching their database for my specific sidearm, I wasn't able to find their product for my particular weapon. Then while reading through the FAQ's, I got the idea of comparing overall dimensions of the PT140 and the PT145. BOTH pistols have the exact same overall dimensions. That's when I made my decision to order the Sneaky Pete holster for my specific weapon. It's a perfect fit!
    Sneaky Pete makes a very high quality product!
    I for one will continue to buy and use Sneaky Pete products as the need arises.
    My advise to any potential customers, if you don't see their product for you specific pistol of revolver, take the initiative and do some research for yourself and check overall dimensions of the next closest weapon to yours. You might be very surprised and find they may just work for your gun!

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