Taurus Millennium Pro 111 Sneaky Pete Holster (Belt Loop)

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Approx Dimensions Height 6 2/8" Width 5" Depth 1 1/8" (standard holster)
MPN: SP-750
SKU: SP-750
Warranty: Please contact us for warranty and exchange requests.

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top quality WOW
5 Stars

very impressed with the quality and the fit-only issue is that i thought that i would receive the holster with the belt clip and not the belt loop. is it possible to exchange holsters?

Excellente, Beuno !!!
5 Stars

Wonderful soft leather. A pleasure to own + wear !! Thank you for such a fine product.

Quality Product
5 Stars

I have never written a review on any product. However, I was so impressed with the quality and simplicity I felt compelled to do so. The holster was a perfect fit and very well made. I can now open carry and conceal carry at the same time. No one at my office has even questioned what I am carrying. I just told one lady that I got a new tablet for Christmas. I think now I will order a cell phone holster to match. Congrats Sneaky Pete on a fine product.

Finally concealed open carry
5 Stars

This is my second review of the Sneaky Pete holster. I just wanted to tell everyone about my experience this past weekend. I have open carried before & always got dirty looks or comments about it. Some people think you're scared of bad guys or out for no good. Well this weekend here in southeast Georgia we have a huge yard sale that runs from Perry Ga. to Brunswick Ga, called Peaches to the Beaches. I carried all weekend long around literally thousands of people & never once saw a reaction or heard a remark of any kind. I only had one person comment on how he liked my case, I asked him if he knew what it was & he said he thought so. This man was a licensed FFL at a firearms booth & he wasn't even sure I was carrying. Oh yeah I was totally comfortable wearing it all day, getting in & out of the truck, hooking & unhooking my seatbelt. Eating in resturaunts & all. I LOVE MY SNEAKY PETE.

101% satisfied
5 Stars

I recieved my holster in reasonable time for USPS & in perfect shape. I waited a few weeks to write a review because I wanted to be fair, THIS IS WITHOUT A DOUBT THE BEST CCW HOLSTER i HAVE EVER USED. I wear it every day with NO discomfort & when in public I don't get those stares wondering whats under my shirt, in fact I don't wear this unde a shirt. I can get my weapon out with just one hand alot faster than other holsters. I can't say anything bad about this holster, the quality of leather & stitching is top notch. I can't wait to try the ballistic nylon with one of my other handguns. Keep Up the GREAT work SNEALKY PETE.