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Sig P938 Sneaky Pete Holster (Belt Loop)

Sig P938 Sneaky Pete Holster (Belt Loop)

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Product Description

We offer two holsters for this gun. One is designed for the use with the standard flush 6 round magazine and one for the extended 7 round magazine shown in the above picture. IF you use the 7 round extended magazine listed, you must choose “pinky Extender” in the option for Magazine in order for this configuration to fit correctly in our holster. (for a proper fit please be sure that your extended magazine look exactly like ours) NO other variation will work.

The Sig Sauer P938 Sneaky Pete Holster has  sewn belt loops which can accommodate a belt up to 1.5" inches wide.  The holster is made of high quality soft leather, and when worn on the belt resembles a cell phone case.  The advantage of this design is that it allows you to carry your Sig concealed, but with full and easy access.  Now it's possible to wear whatever you want, whenever you want to.  Don't dress around your gun anymore.

     The holster is made inside and out of glove-quality leather, and uses two magnets to stay closed.  Each holster is designed for your specific firearm, and the opening is made in such a way that you cannot accidentally  place your finger on the trigger during draw.  The Kydex insert ensures that a smooth, silent draw occurs every time.

      The use of double stitching and steel rivets guarantees that this holster will last for years to come.  All available options are listed above, and the holster can be ordered either with the belt loop, or optional belt clip.  We design every holster to be as small as possible and still fit your pistol.  


Other Details

Please contact us for warranty and exchange requests.

Custom Field

Approx Dimensions Height 5 3/4" Width 4 1/8" Depth 1 1/8" (standard holster)

Product Reviews

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  • 4
    Good value for the money

    Posted by James Kruge on May 18th 2016

    Everyone knows you have a weapon on you,it is not visible through. I like the fact that the shape of the gun is broken up by squaring it off. Don't have to worry about flashing because of the magnetic pouch design. But not fooling anyone. All in all a good purchase. It is very comfortable to wear for hours.

  • 5
    most comfortable holster I've ever had

    Posted by John DeGroote on May 13th 2016

    As my review title says.... the Sneaky Pete holster I purchased is the most comfortable holster I've ever had! Although this holster is fitted for a Sig with an extended pinky, I purchased it for my Barretta Nano with the 8 round clip and it fits perfectly!
    I am very impressed with the quality of the holster and was very pleased with the packaging as well. I am telling and showing all my gun enthusiast friends how nice this holster is!

  • 5
    Best on the market!!!!

    Posted by Michael Porco on Feb 24th 2016

    Would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a concealed weapon holster!!!

  • 4
    Very very good! And...

    Posted by Az_Carry on Aug 3rd 2014

    I have worn my Sneaky Pete for about 9 months and l love it! It's completely comfortable, wears well and looks smart. Best of all: NO ONE ever realizes I'm carrying! I've had several people ask "What's that?" and when I say "dumb old Palm Pilot" they always laugh and the topic is closed. I work in a large corporate financial center, biometric security, armed guards, etc. Never a question or issue.

    Recently a co-worker finally confronted me and said "So really.. what's up?" And I said it was a medical device that is kind of embarrassing to talk about. He said "oh man, my cousin had that surgery, sorry" and now ithe topic is truly off limits;)

    My ONLY real gripe is that it isn't offered for extended clip. Sig 938 w shorty mag isn't optimal! I'm curious about that other post regarding the SR22 care fitting 938 w extended mag. Other small gripe would be to add an optional positive retention system: snap, clasp, strap? The magnets have always worked thus far, AND I don't trust them for anything other than 'upright' carry. Crawling, inverted, running... don't think they'll hold. Add a snap!


  • 5
    Hide in open sight.

    Posted by Jim on Apr 20th 2014

    Sometime clothing does not allow you to conceal a weapon. Sneaky Pete holsters provide you with to option to conceal without concealing. I have three; one for a S&W Bodyguard .380; one for a Sig Saur P938; and one for a Springfield DX40 SC.

  • 5
    Perfect for me

    Posted by Unknown on Dec 27th 2013

    I can only tell you that my recent order for my sig holster is really great,comfortable and conceals just right. I really love it and find the quality, cost and function to be perfect for what I want. Thanks again for a great product. Jwm

  • 5
    Best hidden holster you can buy

    Posted by Jerry Coughlin on Aug 28th 2013

    when i first seen your holsters , i didn't see how it could work . then i rec the plan black holster and i couldn't believe have well it worked wearing it on my belt , and it was as light as it could be . and then i put in my Sig P238 gun in it and i couldn't believe again how light weight it was . and then i found out that no one knew it was a gun in it , they thought i had a phone or something else in it . i then bought the new black Alligator holster and it looks terrific . it wears the same way and i love it . anyone that buys one of these holsters will love it when they get it . i would suggest to buy anyone of them . Jerry Kokomo, IN

  • 4
    Ruger SR22 vs. Sig Saurer P938 Holster

    Posted by Robert Simons on Aug 6th 2013

    Ordered two holsters, one for my Ruger SR22 and one for my Sig P938
    By accident i found that my Sig P938 with Crimson Trace and Extendedd Mag fit the SR22 holster. Great Holster, good quality and now have L Hand for my wife's SR 22 and in the process of ordering a R Hand SR 22 Holster for my Sig P938 w/Crimson Trace Laser and Extended Mag.

  • 5
    the best hiden holster on the market you can wear in site

    Posted by Jerry on Jul 21st 2013

    the Sneaky Pete holster is the best out of site holster for a gun you can wear out in public . this holster is the best holster anyone can wear that no one can wear out in public without anyone knowing that you even have a gun in it . the holsters wear on the belt very comfortable and very easy to open and close . it looks very good being that its leather and it looks like your carrying a small phone or computer in it . i would recommend to anyone that wants to carry a gun out in public to get one of these so no one can tell your carrying a gun . im going to recommend this holster to all my friends that have guns . this holster is esp made for the P938 and P238 .

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