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M&P Shield 9mm Sneaky Pete Holster (Belt Loop)

M&P Shield 9mm Sneaky Pete Holster (Belt Loop)

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Product Description

The M&P Shield 9mm Sneaky Pete Holster has  sewn belt loops which can accommodate a belt up to 1.5" inches wide.  The holster is made of high quality soft leather, and when worn on the belt resembles a cell phone case.  The advantage of this design is that it allows you to carry your M&P concealed, but with full and easy access.  Now it's possible to wear whatever you want, whenever you want to.  Don't dress around your gun anymore.

     The holster is made inside and out of glove-quality leather, and uses two magnets to stay closed.  Each holster is designed for your specific firearm, and the opening is made in such a way that you cannot accidentally  place your finger on the trigger during draw.  The Kydex insert ensures that a smooth, silent draw occurs every time.

      The use of double stitching and steel rivets guarantees that this holster will last for years to come.  All available options are listed above, and the holster can be ordered either with the belt loop, or optional belt clip.  We design every holster to be as small as possible and still fit your pistol. 

Other Details

Please contact us for warranty and exchange requests.

Custom Field

Approx Dimensions Height 6 1/2" Width 4 3/4" Depth 1 1/8" (standard holster)

Product Reviews

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  • 3
    Sneak Peat sheild holster 9mm S&W

    Posted by Willard on Sep 2nd 2017

    Great construction of product holster but, weapon fits loosely and difficult to draw. Only fits with standard magazine which is short for my hands. Holster prevents gun form coming out while running or climbing or jumping unless the flap gets caught on something. The gun fits a little low in the holster or the opening is to small have not really decided on which. Have had other Sneaky Pete holster that felt better and held the gun for a better draw that this one.

  • 4
    The shield Holster, is also perfect for CZ 2075 RAMI

    Posted by John on Feb 12th 2017

    Inquired for a RAMI holster, and was told that we don't have one as of yet, but I also have a M&P shield on my CCW, so I ordered for the shield. Works fine for the shield, if anything, very loose fit, so easy to pull out, but also easy to fall out if the flap is not closed. Tired my RAMI and it has a nice fit, not loose, just enough retention that if you have the flap open and turn the holster upside down the CZ will not fall out, but with one finger you could pull it out. The other change would be the cut out, I took mine down to a shoe repair place and had them increased the opening by trimming the side where the grip is. That way I can get 2 fingers around the grip as I withdraw from holster. I think the product would be a little better if they original offset the opening toward the grip, but than that would make it more of a right or left hand, verse neutral set up as they are no done.

  • 5
    weather you wear it on your belt or use it to carry in your hand it protects your hand gun.

    Posted by Tony on Jul 28th 2016

    I had already purchased one for my 380 and knew I wanted one for my 9 mil. It looks good and does the job. People think it's a pouch for your phone or some other instruments. It durable and has heavy duty leather for the belt loops.

  • 5
    Quality Holster

    Posted by Roy Kimmins on Apr 4th 2016

    Wow, this holster is impressive. Quality stands out the instant you open the box. The leather is smooth and has a nice feel to the touch. Stiching is strong and nicely done. I especially like the support inside the holster to hold the gun in just the correct position. I doubt anyone could suspect this is a holster for a concealed handgun. Great product. Thanks.

  • 5
    amazing product

    Posted by Eric on Nov 14th 2015

    This holster is awesome it is very well built and holds my gun like a glove I will definitely be buying another one of these when I buy me a new gun

  • 5
    excellent product

    Posted by John on May 29th 2015

    I purchased this for my 9mm M&P shield. I wanted to be able to conceal carry without the worry of accidentally showing my weapon. This is the product for you to do just that. No more un- tucked shirts etc. I recently wore it with dress pants, and shirt at a function, nobody knew I was armed.

  • 4
    Belt Loop Problem

    Posted by Lawrence Lilliquist on Sep 19th 2013

    The holster is of good design and quality. The holster looks very nice. However, now this is only my own opinion here, but I can't be the only one that thinks this way. I wish there was more separation between the holster belt loops, because if you try to place a pant belt loop in between the two on the holster "there is no way". Also the Sp holster loops could be a little larger for I bought their belt and it is very hard to get the belt through the loops and move the holster.

  • 4
    S&W 9mm M&P Shield and the Sneaky Pete Holster

    Posted by Dennis Guyer on May 24th 2013

    The holster is of good design and quality. The holster looks very nice. However, now this is only my own opinion here, but I can't be the only one that thinks this way (if) the person has this holster in their position - it just does not make a very good conceal carry holster as I thought it would be before ordering. I say this because, anybody knowing guns very well at all when seeing someone with this holster on their hip will know right off that the person is carrying a handgun inside this case (the Sneaky Pete holster). And again, I say this because, it just looks like a holster with a closer flap! Plain & simple! Just like the old military type holsters that have a flap that covers the handgun.
    A serious problem though! The Smith & Wesson M&P Shield model handgun and the Sneaky Pete Holster - carrying that particular handgun inside this holster, this holster causes the clip release button on this particular handgun to be pushed releasing the clip from this handgun. If a person does not know that the clip has be released and the handgun is being drew from this holster, the clip being loose will and does fall out of the handgun. Evidently this model handgun fits too tight inside this holster is how I see this problem and the Sneaky Pete is not a good holster for this particular handgun model. Other handgun models this holster just may be the berries and just may be what a person is looking for in a conceal carry holster. I cannot say either way. I only can say the Sneaky Pete Holster design being the way the holster is right now, it is not a good conceal carry holster for the Smith & Wesson M&P Shield 9mm or 40)!The 40 caliber is the same model design as the 9mm!
    Having this holster setting on a persons hip, the person undoubtedly is going to be moving around all different directions and is going to be putting side pressure on the sides of this holster, and when putting pressure of the sides, this is what pushes the clip release button to this particular handgun. I would say having the complete inside of this holster to be of Kydex material modeled around a handgun, a handgun is going to fit much tighter and keep a handgun in place much better, not letting it move around at all, but most of all, it will not allow any pressure to be put on any handgun button. However, the Sneaky Pete will still look like a handgun holster to many! And that is not something that I want! Period! From any holster! I don't want someone knowing that I carry! It just makes sense! Doesn't it?
    The Sneaky Pete Holster is not what I thought it would be and it is a shame I feel that way because the holster is of good quality and design and does look very nice. It looks like a gun holster though! There are going to be many others who when seeing me with this case on my hip, they are going to know right off that I am carrying a handgun. That is not what I want and I just don't see me wearing the Sneaky Pete Holster much at all I hate saying. I'm only being truthful & honest here in what I have said, and with hind-sight being 20/20 here, and with the problem the holster causes with the Smith & Wesson M&P Shield model handgun, I wish that I never ordered the holster because I just don't see me ever wearing it from what I have explained here. I truly wish the holster could be returned & completely refunded! I can't say any more.
    The gun belt - again, it is of very good quality and it looks good. I like it and I do suggest anyone who wishes to have a good belt and a good looking belt of good quality, I suggest this belt whether it being for a gun belt or it being an all around wearing belt. It is a good looking belt and I do suggest it to be ordered!
    At least I've batted 50/50 here!
    Thank you!

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