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About Us


     We are a family owned and operated small internet business residing in the great State of NY.  We much like you are consumers and strive to offer the type of high quality products we our selves seek and appreciate. The owners Mike and Anna is a husband/wife team working side by side, employing good hardworking people including family, friends and local people some with background in the military and the police force as well as a mix of proffesional backgrounds having no connection to guns outside of believing in the second amendment and the right to be able to protect themselves.

     As human beings every single one of us have the best of integrity and  work ethics, we work hard to provide a good experience for every customer. Occasionally we fall short but NEVER because our intensions are not right or a lack of caring. Lost emails, slow response time, unanticipated backorders, delayed or lost shipments, defective products…. well it can happen even with the best of intentions but whatever the reason for the small percentage of problems that occur, we are happy to make it right ALWAYS.



     Yes we take time off for family during holidays and we go on vacations  As hard as we work 95 % of the time and as much as we don't like to walk away sometimes we have to take a time out. Feedback tells us that our customers appreciate that we are not a huge corporate company but real people "behind the curtain" that value family.

 (please refer to our website for times that we close)

     We value our customers as much as we value our family and want nothing more than to be helpful, always! We can certainly understand some people's frustration but also very much appreciate that there are so many kind compassionate and patient souls out there! 

Thank you so much for your patience and understanding! 



     Please find more information as well as the answers to the most FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS under "Contact us"



     Our website is secure, We use 128 bit encryption and have our own SSL Certificate. (Which is considered Goldstandard).  When you add something to your "cart" on our website, you will see the well known padlock symbol in the address bar.  If you are of the mindset that you simply do not want your information on the internet you can also mail in your order please find instructions to do so under "Contact us"



      We hope our website can serve as a "greener" solution to a catalog, we operate our business online only however if you prefer you can send your order by mail using a check or money order if this sounds like a preferred options for your please find the instructions under "Contact us"



     First please look for order confirmation, if not in your inbox, please check your spam filter. or the shipping confirmation is likely to end up there as well.  Our Lead time for preparing your order is often as quick as 1-2 business days and not usually longer than the range off 2-6 days.  Once we ship, (and all orders ship USPS) Delivery ETA is 3-6 days. We send both order and shipping confirmation emails, if you have not received the order confirmation, please check you spam filter or this is probably where your shipping confirmation will end up as well.

     We work hard to ship fast and very rarely have backorders, but I am sorry to say it does happen. We are human and as much as we try to anticipate, sometimes we fall short. I apologize in advance should this happen to you and your order, if there is more than one item on the order we ship whatever we can and ship the backordered item as soon as we can fill it which DOES NOT result in any additional shipping costs to you.  Once you receive your order we hope that it is perfect for your firearm, exactly to your liking and that you feel happy with your purchase!  Should you not feel this way we are happy to accept returns, help with exchanges and trouble shot any issues that come up, please find more help under "Contact us"



     - Our products are protected by a U.S Patent.

     - Using high quality materials and workmanship our holsters range from $ 39.95-64.95 

     - Our New Ballistic Nylon holster is available as a Black Belt Clip Holster only.

     - Our Best selling Smooth Leather Holster is available In Black and Brown as a clip or Loop (for most but not all models listed)

     - Our Sought after Alligator finish holster is available in Black and Brown as a clip or Loop (for most but not all models listed)

     We also offer a wide variety of accessories such as:

         Belts $29.95

         Magazine Pocket protector $19.95 (some are more depending on color and finish)

         Magazine belt clip holster $29.95 (some are more depending on color and finish)

         Magazine Quick clip $24.95 (some are more depending on color and finish)

         Bullet brick $29.95



     We sell a mixture of 55/45 clip to loop holsters. Both are popular, a matter of preference really. Clip holsters are easier to remove from the belt, the clips are made of spring steel and are very strong. The shape of the clip makes it very hard to grab the holster off your belt without first reaching behind the holster to release the clip. We designed it this way to prevent theft.

     The Loop holsters sit a little higher and little more snug to the body. This is a great option if you want the holster to stay a bit more in one place. Because the loop creates a leather to leather (with your belt) connection, there is a lot more friction which makes it less adjustable. 


    Our Holsters are not generic but specifically made for each Gun make, model and configuration. Some holsters we sell are available with a pinky extender option, when available this makes the holster a little wider to accommodate the pinky extender. However none of our Holsters work with extended magazines, only the standard clip.

    Our Holsters work great with lasers that are fitted under the barrel and in front of the trigger guard, lasers fitted any other way will not fit.  But does not work with any aftermarket grips, or any grips that increase the thickness, only the standard grips work in our holsters.  Our holsters are originally fitted with the exact gun we list and picture, and because our holster is not generic, your gun needs to look and be configured exactly like ours.  Regretfully we cannot offer any custom work.


     Our BELTS are measured from the buckle including the whole buckle to the first hole, this measurement is the size.


     To get an idea of the size of the holster we suggest you draw a square around your firearm to help visualize the size. Our holsters are no larger than they absolutely have to be.  But because they are square to simulate an electronic/phone case they may be bigger than you imagined.  We do not get a lot of returns however size is the biggest reason for returns. In that same breath we have customers on a daily basis asking us to make  holsters for gun models and configurations that would require a much larger holster than the largest we currently make. so to each is own ! 



       We believe in our products and stand behind the Quality and I assure you we would gladly help repair or replace any product that does not hold up to normal wear and tear. If the situation should arise we would ask depending on your description to either mail the item to us or send pictures so that we could take a look. We are pretty easy to get along with, so I would say the process would be easy by anyone's standard.


Thank you for considering our products !